Dhwaj & Associates places particular emphasis on meeting your requirements. Our law firm is by your side. No matter what area of law you need help with, we do everything we can to ensure that we’re adding value. You trust us to help you make difficult decisions, and in time-critical cases, we work quickly and accurately to reach the best result for you and for your business.


  • Our mission does not only consist of carrying out legal services on behalf of our clients. Dhwaj & Associates also specialises in solving conflicts and providing counsel and risk-prevention for your future projects. It is this personalised approach, which allows for establishing client-lawyer relations based on mutual trust and contributes to providing the best services possible.


  • At every stage of your legal matter with us, we will give you a regular update on its progress and be absolutely transparent with you.
  • We are at your disposal for any additional information you might require and will happily explain to you the different steps your lawyer has taken, as well as the different stages of the legal process.

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